If you are in the following situations, doní»t waste money hiring an interior designer!

10 Nov 2022
If you are in the following situations, doní»t waste money hiring an interior designer!
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If you are in the following situations, don’t waste money hiring an interior designer!

  • Situation #1: You do not have high requirements for your new home. You will move in with only simple furniture and paint.
  • Situation #2: You know how to analyze the pros and cons of your new house and you must also list your space needs, and put those needs in your new home.
  • Situation #3: You are familiar with the interior design style you want. You know how to match colours and how to use the right interior design elements. For example, you know how to choose the right style of lighting, sofa, curtains, etc.
  • Situation #4: You know how to manage a group of contractors that you are not familiar with. It also requires a lot of time and patience to clearly communicate your design plan to the contractors involved, and make sure that they fully understand the design you want.
  • Situation #5: You clearly understand the nature and sequence of every work, and know how to organize 8 to 15 different phases of the project seamlessly.
  • Situation #6: Your renovation budget is less than RM300k
If you find yourself in any of these 6 situations, you do not need to hire an interior designer, as it would only be a waste of your money!
But if your situation is just the opposite, and you don't hire an interior designer, renovating your house will become very irritating and exhausting‼️
You'll experience what everyone says ‼️
  • Situation #1: The project is delayed over and over again as if it will never end 😭
  • Situation #2: It will cost more money to rectify mistakes or unsatisfying work due to no drawing and miscommunication 
  • Situation #3: Lots of miscommunication issues, conflicts between contractors, conflicts between contractors and homeowner due to lack of drawing 
  • Situation #4: Improper selection of materials results in high maintenance costs later 
  • Situation #5: Spent a lot of money, but the outcome is way worse than those in magazines 
  • Situation #6: Took so much time, energy and money yet the outcome still did not meet expectations 😭
If you want no regrets of renovation, you should hire a professional and experienced interior designer to design your DREAM HOUSE for you ‼️

We are an interior design & renovation company specialising in Bungalow & Semi-D design.
Over the past 14 years, our primary focus has been on the design and build of Bungalow & Semi-D. 

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