Simple Lines Tell The Tale

01 Aug 2021
Simple Lines Tell The Tale
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Simple Lines Tell The Tale

The quiet while and chic grey as an open layout. - ripped off all the frills of colour - presents the style of this abode and shows off its harmonious and exquisite charm. The wide swathe of white in the public area and the asymmetrical white panels used as clean lines for embellishments have become important elements connecting the living hall and dining area. Not only are they a sight to behold , they enhance the ceiling’s unique design. Further more, the designer has made good use of the large windows so that natural lighting takes centre stage, seeping through the decorative grille placed in the centre and caressing the glossy surfaces to light up the space’s daintiness.  
The room located behind the sofas is reserved for entertainment purposes. Glass furnishing and wooden partitions demarcate between the living hall and KTV room, but at the same time echoing to each other through the choice of materials, to bring our the vibrancy as well as the exquisite tastefulness this area.

Windows behind the TV wall serve not only as a means to bring in natural lighting. But also a creator of beautiful ambience through manually mixing and matching curtains of various designs. The master bedroom adopts the same concept too. Over at the dining area, the wall echo to the outline of the KTV room- white panels tango with mirror surfaces under the glow of a lavish chandelier to stir up a fashionable, opulent atmosphere for the meals.

The bedrooms are simple, relaxing and comforting. An area with several layering was created through the choice of colours and lighting. Marking it a tranquil environment for an effective slumber. Again, through the rhythm of lines and mirrors used for the and wardrobe, the designer has widened the horizon of this intimate zone.

Expansion through simplicity : the designer has shown his tender care in handing the space by pushing the boundaries through visual tricks.

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