Basking in Blue

01 Aug 2021
Basking in Blue
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This house welcomes anyone and
everyone with a fresh and bright ambience.
“The owner of this house loves moviestherefore
the environment is specially created to resemble that of a cinema with
the enchanting glow of blue light tubes hidden behind white walls and ceiling
Its dimly It ambience further intensifies the  mood''says the designer.
The TV is set against an interesting surface featuring intersecting geometrical shapes,
enhanced with the use of mirror to make the overall aura even more refreshing.
A complete set of plasma screen and audio system blends flawlessly into the design as
it allows for sensory enjoyment steeped in modernity. Blue in its enchanting disposition sets the living hall aglow despite the present of dull coloured furniture , and all those contributes to the visual impact that enhances the appreciation of film art.
Over at the dining hall, bar and kitchen.minimalism is the order of the day while black and white paint the space with contemporary wonders.
Moving upstairsthe sofa bed in the master bedroom stands prominently as the centrepiece that not only is a treat to the eyesbut also an indulgence for the owner who loves video-audio pleasure.
Meanwhilethe children's rooms are splashed with vibrant blue and yellow to tell of their worriless childhood.Design and living meeting each other is what pleases the owner most.

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