⭕️你们只是电脑里面画一下,几张纸印出来而已❗ 还需要收费咩❓❓

23 Nov 2021
⭕️你们只是电脑里面画一下,几张纸印出来而已❗ 还需要收费咩❓❓
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1. 设计师必须花时间,去了解你整个屋形的每个地方和全部尺寸。😎
2. 设计师凭着自己的经验,去把你家的空间分配好,再用你喜欢的设计风格把你家设计好。😎
3. 设计师会提供一系列的工程图,石膏,拉电,家私等。你完全不需要烦恼怎样做,全部照做就可以了。😎
4. 设计师会为你处理好整个装修工程,还会为你挑选家具。😎
当你选对了设计师,设计师就会为你解决全部烦恼。 😎😉😉

👉需要帮忙 ❓
👉我们是 Bungalow & Semi-D 室内设计专家,过去 14 年里我们专注于 Bungalow & Semi-D 的设计与装修。💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
联系我们 😉
👉需要帮忙 ❓
请按以下链接联络我们的设计团队 😉
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➕️You just draw the conclusion on the computer and printed out a few pieces of paper ❗
Still need to charge ❓❓
The above dialogue is a situation that designers often encounter, 😞
But is it really that easy for you suddenly ❓😆
Tell you every day, when you choose a designer, what the designer will do for you. 😎
1. The designer must take time to understand the place and all dimensions of your entire house shape. 😎
2. The designer uses his own experience to allocate the space of your home, and then design your home with your favorite design style. 😎
3. The designer will provide luxurious engineering drawings, plaster, electricity, furniture, etc.
4. The designer will take care of the entire decoration project for you and handle the selection of furniture for you. 😎
All of the above professional services can only be handled well with the accumulated experience of the designer.
When you choose the right designer, the designer will solve all your worries for you. 😎😉😉

👉We are the interior design experts of Bungalow & Semi-D. In the past 14 years, we have focused on the design and 
decoration of Bungalow & Semi-D. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Contact us 😉
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