Fresh and Bright

16 Aug 2021
Fresh and Bright
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Fresh and Bright
The designer has specially chosen lavish wallpapers for this house, to
stir up the desired decor and atmosphere for different areas. Upon
entering. one will be welcomed with a swathe of glass surfaces that
breathes freshness, In the living hall, the TV wall is flanked by
wallpapers on the left and a long mirror on the right, both complements
each other impeccably. The dining area is slightly smaller but as one
wall is coated with glass. the room becomes more spacious. Glass is
also used to separate the dry and wet kitchens, while providing an
unhindered view
Moving upstairs, one will come to the visually exciting master bedroom
that has a curved design against wallpaper of golden flowers to adorn
the wall behind the bed. Over at the other end the TV wall is
decorated with cube-shaped design to enrich the appearance and at
the same thing brings in a whiff of freshness into the room
Clean and bright are the adjectives to describe this abode, it is simply
relaxing to be within ts embrace.

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